raywood communities are not only built to suit the needs of the present, but also to secure a prosperous future. Graywood aspires to create communities that are not only ideal for living in the present, but also planned for a thriving future.

Milborne Group

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Minto Group

Minto Communities has been creating new homes, master-planned communities, and condos for more than 65 years, one house and one connection at a time. Minto Communities provides condominiums and single-family homes in master-planned communities for singles, couples…….

In8 Development

IN8 Developments has over 20 years of expertise in urban development and is committed to creating innovative, clever, and efficient housing solutions. Due to its unwavering dedication to excellence, IN8 has successfully launched and quickly sold out several projects in Southwestern Ontario.


CentreCourt is a Toronto-based real estate development corporation that specializes in the construction of high-rise residential communities near vital infrastructure, rapid transit networks, and employment zones (GTA).

Capital Development

Capital Developments is a leading residential developer founded in 2008 by Todd Cowan and Jordan Dermer……..

Plaza Crop

For many decades, Plazacorp has invested in land, low-rise and high-rise development, and technology…….

Ryan Design


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The Daniels Corporation

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