Service For SELLER


When selling your home, it’s important to understand current real estate market trends in your area so you can accurately price and effectively position your property to attract the right buyer, and negotiate strategically to achieve the best return from your sale.Getting familiar with the market data and preparing to list your property is both a complex and time-consuming task. With the help of a trained and experienced real estate agent from First Class Realty, you’ll be able to make a quick sale that exceeds your expectations.

Our in-house marketing team provides our agents with professional marketing materials to skillfully showcase your home and encourage the best offers for your property. This includes:

For sale signs

Feature sheets

Brochures and flyers

Social media advertising

MLS advertising

Landing pages

Selling Assignment Listings

Assignment listings are unique in that they don’t follow the typical process of a traditional home sale. First and foremost, almost all assignment listings are not allowed to be advertised on the MLS. Second, assignments typically involve the sale of an interest in a new home or condominium before the seller has taken possession. As a result, in order to market your assignment listing effectively, you’ll need an agent with the right skills, experience, marketing tools, and client resources representing these types of sales.


Advance your real estate career by joining the First Class Realty in Canada and learn from seasoned professionals while receiving practical guidance and support to succeed in the market.

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