Residences at Bluffers Park

Residences at Bluffers Park is an exciting collaboration between Skale Developments and Diamante Developments, featuring two mid- and high-rise towers in Scarborough. Positioned at 2800 Kingston Road, just east of Brimley Road, this pre-construction project offers a total of 551 living units in the Cliffcrest neighborhood. With its strategic location and impressive design, the development promises to be an exceptional addition to the area’s real estate landscape.

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Residences at Bluffers Park

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The Residences at Bluffers Park in Scarborough, developed by Skale and Diamante, offer a variety of engaging amenities. With a specially designed co-working space for working from home, a bright and airy crafts workshop to complete DIY projects, and a games room for fun-filled gatherings with family and friends, residents have plenty of options. The development features units ranging from 440 to 1084 square feet, a well-equipped gym, and two stunning outdoor terraces—one on the rooftop and another at ground level—surrounded by beautiful green spaces for relaxation and enjoyment.




In the established community of Cliffcrest, families benefit from proximity to several schools. The renowned R.H. King Academy, Fairmount Public School, and Chine Drive Public School are just around the corner from the condo, providing convenient educational options for residents. Moreover, Blessed Cardinal Newman Catholic High School and St. Theresa Shrine Catholic School are located in close proximity, offering additional choices for families in the area. With a variety of schools nearby, Cliffcrest ensures that families have easy access to quality education options within the neighborhood.


Living in close proximity to the lake offers exceptional benefits, and the condo’s location provides easy access to the breathtaking Scarborough Bluffs and its array of parks. Stretching 15 kilometers and towering 90 meters above the shoreline, the Bluffs present a picturesque backdrop for photographers and nature enthusiasts. Among the nine parks in the vicinity, Bluffer’s Park stands out as the only one with a beach, complemented by a nearby marina and yacht club.


However, even beyond the captivating Bluffs, the neighborhood boasts a variety of local parks, including Balcarra Parkette, Barkdene Park, Totts Tot Lot, J.A. Leslie Tot Lot, and Sunnypoint Neilson Park. This abundance of green spaces provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation and relaxation, making it a welcoming area for residents seeking natural beauty and tranquility.

Skale Developments

Skale Developments, a boutique company, has garnered considerable attention for their inaugural project, the highly anticipated Bluffs Condos in Scarborough. This contemporary condominium stands out in the picturesque waterfront neighborhood, skillfully integrating modern luxury with a design that complements the quaint rooftops and stunning lake views. Despite being newcomers, Skale Developments impresses with their remarkable maturity and surpasses expectations.

Diamante Development Corporation

Diamante Development Corporation holds a strong position in Toronto's real estate industry. With their motto "Elegance Redefined," they strategically select ideal urban locations, and their expertise in crafting architectural masterpieces allows them to reshape entire city blocks. This approach has earned them a reputation for revitalizing neighborhoods and leaving a lasting impact on the urban landscape.

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